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DV lottery 2011: consular processing or adjustment of status

Houston, TX |

I am a DV2011 "winner". My case number is no current yet according to the November visa bulletin. What is my best shot at securing the card, filing for adjustment of status or go for consular processing in my home country? Should I wait for my number to be current before I send my documents or should I send them now?

I am currently on a H1-B visa

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Attorney answers 1


congratulations, since you are in status you will be able to adjust. we had an italian client win last years and i can tell you the instructions are very confusing. you really should see an attorney in the houston area, i recommend bruce coane or adan vega two of the best. i think it is best to pay the fees etc asap. then wait for the visa to become available. you can go the the web site to see the visa bulletin for the following month and get an idea. then you can proceed with the application. lottery winners can also immigrate derivatives. in the usa, the uscis will really bust ass to get the job done for you especially if the application is properly completed hence get an attorney and stay on top of the visa bulletin. good luck