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DV lottery, getting married between the interview and the actual entry

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My girlfriend already went through the interview. She never even wanted to come to the US in the first place, but she played the lottery. I am here now, and am supposed to go back soon. Is there anything that we can do in order to try life together in the US soon, or do all the options require us to be separated for years and years?

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Please clarify your question. Is your girlfriend in the United States already or is she applying for adjustment overseas? Also, How long have you been in the United States and how did you enter?

One option is for you to marry your girlfriend once she comes here and she could petition for you. Your adjustment would depend on whether you made a legal entry into the US. Good Luck!

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Sorry for the poorly assembled question. She played the lottery, same as me, but she won. She was then scheduled for an interview, while i was in the US. She then went to an interview, and now has some sort of an immigration visa, and not the actual card. I do believe that she has a deadline to come to the states. Also, what i understand is, she will be given a green card one she comes here and become a permanent resident. I am here on a j1 visa, and i am still in status but it is about to expire. I was just wondering, if we wanted to live together in the US, would that be likely to happen any time soon? What i learned from the internet is that she should first come and obtain the greencard, than live here and work alone for 5 years, then pass the citizenship test, and then sponsor me for another year or two of waiting. I don't see this happening because our relationship would never last through this, and even worse, she never wanted to go to the states, i was gunning for it.


You need to elaborate. Try to provide as much information as possible about your status and that of your girlfriend. Or in the alternative, get in to see an immigration attorney for a consultation. It is impossible to answer your question based on this scant information, sorry.


I agree with both of my colleagues. Please try to clarify the question you are answer. Also, I think it would be an excellent idea to contact an immigration attorney for a consult. Good luck to you