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DV 2014 Program Applicants - Form DS-230

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On the instruction for DS-230 part II, it says: "all family members applying for a diversity visa must submit both Part I and II. Note: Each Form DS-230 Part II, Sworn Statement should be submitted unsigned."
****so should I fill Q36-44 on part 2 and stop filling after it says "DO NOT WRITE BELOW THE FOLLOWING LINE.The consular officer will assist you in answering item 45.DO NOT SIGN this form until instructed to do so by the consular officer"
****OR I have to leave part 2 Blank!???

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You have to fill out the form and submit it unsigned. That is all there is to it.

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Yes, complete the form up to the portion where it you are instructed not to writer below and do not sign it as instructed. Good luck!


Follow their simple instructions: Complete the form & submit it unsigned. QED

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