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During the length of time I am on this SIS probation is that charge considered a conviction until after the completing my time?

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I am a recent college graduate and currently in the process of looking for a job. Last year, I received a possession of marijuana/paraphernalia charge, plead guilty, and was sentenced to an SIS probation until this coming November.

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Not a conviction, but until you complete the probation, it will likely show up on case net. If you were arrested, a record of the arrest will exist, and that will probably show up on a background check.

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Not considered a conviction at any point prior to completing probation.

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During the probation period, it's an open case. If you successfully complete probation, then the case is closed and there will be no conviction on your record. It will become a conviction if you violate probation and the judge revokes your probation and sentences you for the original charge. You can check with your probation officer about this, but in general, a violation of your probation would be any law enforcement contact related to drugs.

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A conviction only gets entered if your probation gets revoked. If you complete probation with no revocation no conviction EVER gets entered and the matter becomes a closed and confidential file. However, a record of the arrest will always exist.

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