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During a (psi) "pre- sentence investigation" for probation, is the probation officer allowed to drug test you in NY?

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I was ordered to undergo a "pre-sentence investigation" prior to being sentenced for probation. Does that mean my p.o. can drug test me until I get sentenced and am put on misdemeanor probation or not? This is in NY State!!
Thank you!!

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Yes Section 390.30 of the NY Criminal Procedure Law will provide them the authority to do this.



thank you sir!!


Yes, a drug test would be allowed.

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It is clear that when a defendant is under Interim Probation or Release Under Supervision, or similar program, that during that time and up to sentencing, he can be drug tested. Otherwise, when a defendant's physical and mental condition is at issue, the judge may order a thorough phys/mental exam in a designated facility. This, for example, might include a defendant who is elderly and suffering from diabetes which could present issues if incarcerated. Your facts do not state whether the court specifically ordered drug testing or if you even have a history of drug abuse. If there is no order, there is no specific provision dealing with drug testing that I found in CPL 390.30. I am unaware of any cases which may have found that such testing, in the absence of a court order, is implicit in conducting such testing outside the examples I mention. What does your attorney say?

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