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Dui warrant

Longview, WA |

My husband was arrested for a dwi warrant and he is suppose to be sent to klickat jail but he has been in since 8/30/12 how long can they keep him in for and will they even take him to the other jail since he has and is gonna be in the longview jail for 7a days

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Could you please provide a little bit more information? In which county was he arrested, and is it the same county that he has to appear in for the warrant (i.e. was he arrest for the warrant in the same county where the original charge - DWI - was filed/allegedly occurred?)? Do you know if this is a misdemeanor or felony DWI? (Does he have prior DWIs?)

Timing depends to some degree on the local rules of the jurisdiction (County, and which Court - Superior for felonies, or District for misdemeanors). In any case, he has to be arraigned within 14 days if he is in custody, and generally a pre-trial release appearance is usually done within a few business days of arrest to determine whether the Defendant can be released (with conditions). Since he was arrested on Thursday of a holiday weekend, it is most likely he will appear in front of a judge to determine whether he can be released pending trial sometime early to midweek of next week.

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It would be a good idea to contact the facility he is to do his jail time and let them know he is in Longview jail on a bench warrant. Chances are they would have some information about this if they are set up with the SCOMIS & JIS stystem. Also see if he can be brought before the court for bail hearing, his public defender could help him with that if your husband has been appointed one.

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