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DUI suspension

Irvine, CA |

I am going for my restricted license on this i have to take any document(that pink sleep or anything).... SR-22 and enrollement is filed already.. so i just take with cash or credit card?

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To be on the safe side, take any documentation you have regarding your case, though it sounds like you have taken care of everything, so you should only need cash/credit.


DMV will require that you show them proof of enrollment in the class, the SR-22 and the filing fee. As the other attorney stated you should take all your paperwork to DMV.


Although you believe that both your SR 22 and Proof of Enrollment are already filed, I would suggest that you bring copies of both in case there has been some oversight by the DMV.

Additionally, it must be established that yiour license has been suspended for at least 30 days.
You should have received a letter from the DMV, Notice of Suspension. Just in case there may be an issue as to when your license was suspended, I would also bring a copy of this letter as well.

Finally, you need to be able to pay for the DMV fees, be prepared to tender their fee.

Best of luck with your efforts to obtain a Restrictive License.

Richard Grant
Orange County Criminal, DUI, and Traffic Defense Attorney

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You really just need to pay the fee to reinstate your license. If they don't have proof of enrollment in the program and your SR 22 on file, bringing those documents will not get you your restricted license. I always advise my clients to call Mandatory Actions and make sure these items (proof of enrollment and SR 22) are on file with the DMV. You can reach them at 916-657-6525. Good luck!