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DUI stop. The time frame a proper investigation should take place.

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I was reading over the police reports form when I was pulled over, there are an absurd amount of mistakes. He said that I failed the roadsides, and even omitted one of the tests he conducted from the report.I told him I was having anxiety attacks during the stop. I was shaking and he kept putting his hands on me to put me in the "instructional position." My main concern here is that I was clocked for speeding at 0031 hours, Then I was arrested at 0051 hours. That's only twenty minutes for him to clock me, "catch up with me", take my information, run it come back and have me perform all of the roadside tests. This seems really shaky. I refused a chemical test on scene and at the jail. Is twenty minutes routine for a DUI investigation?

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As a former DUI officer I believe that 20 minutes is sufficient time for the officer to stop and process a driver at the scene for DUI. The amount of discrepancies found in your report indicates that you should contact an attorney who dedicates a significant amount of his or her practice to DUI defense as Defending DUI cases requires a lot of specialized knowledge. Refusing to take a chemical test in Colorado can have twice as many ramifications to your driving privileges because DMV can revoke your privileges if you lose your Express Consent hearing, and then add a suspension based on you accumulating 12 or more points in a 12 month period.


You're not focusing on the real issues. You need a defense attorney. Refusal case should often be tried before a jury.


Mr. Pirosko is right. He is also a great DUI attorney. Your energy should be spent getting the best dui attorney you can. There a lot of very good DUI attorneys on avvo. Contact one of us and see who you feel comfortable with and who you can afford.
Mr. Pirosko would be an excellent first choice.

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