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Dui revocation

Chicago, IL |

my license was suspended for the usual 6 months and now my suspension is over. my dui case concludes next month with my public defender. i do not get court supervision and get convicted instead, how long will my license will be revoked and will the 6 months my license was suspended count at all?

im over 21, and this is my first DUI

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One year revocation unless you are under 21. Two years in that case

You will be eligible for reinstatement in 6 months. You will have to have a hearing with SOS. If you have it before the year is up, it must be formal because you will be BAIID, if you obtained an MDDP that the conviction will cancel. Otherwise you can have an informal hearing.

If under 21, you cannot have any type of hearing for a year.


Upon a conviction for DUI your license is revoked forever, However you can petition the SOS for a Formal or Informal hearing to obtain a Restricted Driving Permit. The type of hearing depends on how many other DUI's you have on your driving record. I would call an attorney that is very familair with SOS law to assist you for the hearing at the SOS Office.


First, why do you believe that you wont get court supervision? Did your attorney advise you that you have no chance for such a disposition? Absent an unusually high BAC, personal injury accident or other serious aggravating factor, most first time offenders in the north east counties (Chicago metro area) do qualify for court supervision and the excellent attorneys at the PD office certainly make every reasonable effort to get supervision for all of their first-time DUI clients.

To get back to your specific question, a one year revocation is imposed after a first conviction and you do in fact get credit for time served on the SSS. However, you dont just get your license back after a revocation and your 12 months has passed You need a hearing before the Illinois SOS as explained by Mr. Harvatin.

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