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DUI plea bargains and the police input.

Harrisburg, PA |

Does the police have any input with the DA's office on what plea bargains the DA offers or if the DA agrees to drop a charge. Basically does the DA keep the police officer informed of the defendants case, whether plea bargains are offered or the case gets dismissed by the DA or the Judge.

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The District Attorney and the police work very closely. The DA will consult with the police and will inform them of a plea bargain or determination by the court.


It often depends upon the nature of the case. Where the Officer is a victim, there will often be much consultation. When a citizen is a victim, such as an assault, the DA would work much more closely with the victim regarding the plea. Since this appears to be a DUI given the tags that you have marked, the police would not have as much input unless the circumstances are unique. There are mandatory minimums regarding the jail time. All counties in PA vary regarding their procedure. However, all the counties that I practice in carry a similar approach in DUI cases when it comes to pleas. That approach is that unless the officer expresses some doubt in conviction or the stop, an officer's input is extremely limited.


The police often do have some input The reality is that 1) the DA is an elected official and it is not sensible for him or her to upset police officers and 2) most judges, even the liberal ones, are respectful to the police and often want their input. In my experience, a police officer in your camp, can help you get lenient treatment but a police officer who does not like you will likely do you no harm on most cases. It appears that you are charged with DUI and in most counties. and I have practiced in a few, the plea agreements offered and pretty standard, and offered to everyone.