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Dui misdmeanor

Fort Walton Beach, FL |

Well am a legal immgrant ,married and living in states ,i have a work permit ,unfortunately i had a misdemeanor (DUI) IT ' S THE FIRST first interview with the immigration office is on january 10,and my court in january 12, do u think will affect green card,till now i don t have social security number ,and i was driving with an international driver license,i don 't know the rule yet that i can't drive while drinking ,what do u think about my case ,is it better to leave or have a litttle hope to fight my DUI , and get my permanent resident ?
and what about the judgement ,do u think i ll be under probation?

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You should hire a good criminal lawyer and fight the DUI charge. You should also consult with an immigration lawyer in your area.

The DUI charge may have a negative effect on your green card application. Several things could happen. One thing that might happen istThe immigration officer may continue the interview to see how the criminal case progresses.

You would likely receive probation, if you decide to plead to the charge. But, the immigratio issue is too important and you should try to fight it. Your criminal lawyer will advise you about how good your chances are depending on the facts of your DUI case.


The Okaloosa County Written Plea Agreement was substantially changed, and the section about deportation was put in boldface - this means get an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Don't handle this one yourself, too much is at stake.

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