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DUI laws in ID state, getting license back

Kamiah, ID |

arrested for dui 7 years ago. Had a .056 in a .08 state. I did not go to court or see a judge. I need to get my license back. Will I have to face the judge now or is there a statute of limitations? I live in Idaho and the dui was in california.

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Based on the numbers you give, you never would have lost your license in the first place if you had faced the charges. A DUI will stay on your Idaho driving record for at least 10 years. It gets there because CA is one of the states that shares driving information with the other states. You need to get a lawyer to clear this up.


There is almost no way to resolve this issue without getting a lawyer in California and dealing with the DUI. In all likelihood, a lawyer can help a lot. First, it's possible that the police officer is not even on the force any longer. However, in most states, a blow as low as .056 would have resulted in a reduced or a dropped charge if you have dealt with it from the beginning. A statute of limitations only applies when the state has not pursued the charges against you. Normally, if you have left the jurisdiction, the statute of limitations is tolled, or stopped.

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