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DUI in KS, but have moved back to MO

Urich, MO |

I got a DUI in KS in December 2010, and I'm required to have an interlock device for a year. I've since moved back to MO and also haven't had the money or vehicle to have one installed. Since it's been over the year and I've also served my year suspension is there anyway I can get my license back without having the interlock device installed?

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There is a lot that goes into the analysis in order to answer your question. An attorney will need more information to answer appropriately. I need to know if you have a Missouri or Kansas drivers license? Do you have any prior alcohol suspensions on your license? Were you given a probationary period in Kansas where a condition was for you to have interlock? Again, all of this information is necessary to answer appropriately.


You will have to ask the lawyer that handled the case as he is familiar with the sentence terms and facts of your case.


I agree with both previous answers that there is not enough information to accurately assess this case. Many criminal attorneys give free consultations, see if you can bring in a driving record for a consult and see what an attorney would be able to do for you.

These statements do not constitute legal advice. They are meant to be general in nature, for any specific legal questions you should always seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.