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DUI help for first time offender in Indiana

Columbus, IN |


I have been booked under DUI with BAC 1.2.This is my first offense.I did not cause any accident or damage to anyone just took a turn without signal and passed all the test(I asked the cop who arrested me about how I did with the test) other than BAC one.My question are below

1)Should I hire a lawyer to defend my case?
2)In cse "yes" whom can I hire on Indians Bartholomew county and what are the average charges in this case.
3)What can be minimum and maximum sentence in this case.I have no previous criminal history
4)how much time it takes to get a date of the hearing?
5)Is this a criminal chrage and will it hamper my future job applications
6)I am on H1B visa so will it cause any problem in future visa extensions.

Please help me answering these questions as I am in real mess.

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Without question you should retain counsel if you can afford one. Am certain you can find counsel in the desired location by either an AVVO or just straight google search for a DUI attorney.
Cannot advise you re consequences in Indiana, buut would be surprised if there are not pending DMV issues. Though am somewhat surprised you do not have court date as a result of the arrest. DA has some time to file and it is that office which will probablly set the initial court date.
I believe a DUI has immigration consequences. You would be well advised to speak to an immigration specialist.

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Hi Harry, Thanks for ur response. On the precharge release notification I have been informed that "Criminal charges from this arrest have not been filed against you nor has a court date has been set.If th prosecutor's office files the charges at a later date,you will most likely receive a summon by mail" Does that mean I may not be summoned?

Harry Edward Hudson Jr

Harry Edward Hudson Jr


That would be my assumption. You might still want to ask an attorney. Usually free initial consultations


You should absolutely hire a lawyer, especially if you did as well as you say on the field sobriety tests. A criminal conviction would adversely affect your visa. I suggest you contact fellow AVVO attorney Terry Coriden in Columbus. Good luck. 415 Washington Street
P.0. Box 1510
Columbus, IN 47202-1510
(812) 375-9800
(812) 375-5461 (fax)

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You should hire an attorney. DUI is typically a criminal charge of a Class A or Class C misdemeanor in Indiana, unless it is enhanced for some reason. The A misdemeanor means that you can get up to a year in jail. If convicted, you will probably have probation as part of your sentence where you will need to get an alcohol evaluation and follow up with counseling. Good luck.