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DUI first time offender

Orange, CA |

As the other lawyer mentioned in my first question 3 mons for first offender..

my bac is .16 ...even though i have clean record and first time, i will get 9 months in orange county? i am going to orange courthouse..and my DA is bodly and oliver? anyone has any experience with them !!!!

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I did not read the other question and posts... so maybe I am not completely informed on your case... But normally, a 1st DUI with BAC .16% will result in the DA asking for the 6 month class (not the 9 month). The 3 months class is normal for BAC .08 - .14%, 6 months for .15 - .19% and 9 months for .20%. Again, this is the "normal" request by DA in Orange County. If you have an attorney, often the 3 month class can be obtained even with BAC of .16%. Other factors come in to play, so it is hard to pre-determine if that would be possible in your case...

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I would echo Attorney Maddox's excellent post as to the Levels 1-3 of Alcohol Treatment Classes and having an attorney in your corner fighting for a 3 month classes with even .16 is possible.

You may want to have your attorney also offer a donation to the Victim/ Witness to sweeten the offer for a 3 months instead of 6 months of classes.

I have had a very positive experience with Deputy District Attorney Julie Oliver, Santa Ana Court, and I consider her to be fair and reasonable. In one case with Ms. Oliver, I was able to get 3 months instead of 6 months with a donation as suggested above. However, each case contains different facts which would/may alter the outcome.

If you like more information, please contact myself.

Lots of luck with your matter.

Richard Grant
Orange County Criminal & DUI Attorney

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My colleagues are correct. The number of months you are required to take an alcohol class is directly related to your BAC level.