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DUI charge after car accident?

Houston, TX |

Two weeks ago, I hit a car while I was driving after drink some wine. Only I got minor injury, so I transferred to hospital via ambulance. at hospital a nurse asked me she will take my blood. And I saw she gave the blood and urine samples to the police officer. When can I know I will be chared for DUI or not?? The police just will be my home and arrest me??

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After an accident, if the police learn a driver was over the legal limit, that driver can be charged with DWI. (One of may situations that can lead to DWI charge).

May I suggest that you contact a DWI lawyer in your area.... Over in Houston, Mark Thiessen and Gary Tricter are two good ones.

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It will take some time for them to analyze the blood/urine samples. I would consult with a criminal defense attorney in your area to ensure your rights are protected. Best of luck.

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It can take months for the results to return. However, you may be able to suppress the blood depending on the underlying circumstances. You should quickly consult an attorney. Was your license taken? Were you arrested?


You have some serious issues here. You need to hire attorney if you get charged. In order to get your blood the police have to follow certain safeguards and procedures. What is happening is that the officer got your blood and they are going to test it for the blood alcohol content. If it is high enough the police may charge you with DWI. However, in order to successfully use that blood they have to follow certain rules and it sounds like they did not. If you get charged you need to hire a good attorney to represent you that will be able to check into these facts. If you get charged, shop around and do some research to find someone you trust. Many attorneys, including myself, offer payment plans and free consultations. Good luck to you.

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