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My girlfriend lives in Canada and I live in the States. I got my first DUI a few months ago and I was wondering if I can cross the boarder to see her.

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Not for at least 5 years.


Canada has perhaps the most stringent rules about crossing its border with a pending DUI or a conviction for DUI. Frankly, the best advice I can give you is to consult with an immigration lawyer rather than a DUI lawyer. I have had clients who needed to go to and from Canada for business and have been denied entry simply because they have a DUI pending in the United States. Might be best to have your girlfriend visit you here until you can seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney, perhaps one who practices either in Canada or in the U.S. near the Canadian border.


My legal guide, Traveling to Canada and DUI will answer your questions. See the link below. You may need the assistance of a Canadian immigration lawyer.

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