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Facing the accusation of a DUI is possibly the most stressful and terrifying event. Being arrested and accused of a DUI can bring humiliation on the roadside, at the police station, and in the courtroom. Without a driver's license, some people lose their jobs. In addition, a conviction for crimes such as DUI can create a permanent criminal record following a person for the rest of their life.

Until an experienced DUI attorney can evaluate all the information and reports in your case, be wary of attorneys promising guaranteed results. There is no way to accurately predict your chances of “beating” a charge of DUI. Failing to consult an experienced DUI attorney would be a foolish decision. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that if you walk into court and plead guilty without consulting an experienced DUI attorney, you face tremendously harsh consequenses. An accurate evaluation of the likely outcome of your case involves not only the facts of the individual case and the applicable law, but also consideration of the interaction of the DUI attorney, and that attorney's knowledge of the prosecutor's office, and the judge assigned to the case.

One of the best resource for finding an experienced and competent DUI lawyer is from the National College for DUI Defense, committed to the education and training of DUI defense lawyers.

Retain an attorney who devotes the vast majority of their practice to the defense of DUI cases and has done so for a substantial period of time. There can never be a guarantee of the outcome of a case. But retaining an attorney who emphasizes DUI defense, or limits their practice to DUIs, maximizes the chances of a successful conclusion. And if you do not have a sense of comfort and confidence, look further.

When you meet with an attorney, be satisfied that they have extensive experience in DUI defense and does not simply handle many DUI cases that result in a guilty plea; and has has a reputation for going to trial, rather than just pleading guilty.


This is a question that arises more than you might think. To sum it up without going into too much detail it depends upon what a DUI conviction would do to you personally, financially, emotionally, and whether your employment would be at risk. Moreover, would losing your license adversely affect your quality of life or employment? If you answered yes, you need an attorney skilled in DUI defense to assist you with the myriad of consequences faced when charged with DUI. The prosecutor is knowledgeable about DUI law and consequences and what the State or City needs to prove for a conviction. The average layperson is unaware of the many challenges that can be brought when faced with a DUI charge. In addition, an individual charged with DUI also faces losing their driving privileges and the Department of Licensing employs attorneys fight to make that happen, no matter what happens to the criminal case. Persons charged with DUI are at an extreme disadvantage from the get go and unless you have the time, energy, resources, experience and knowledge necessary to defend yourself, a DUI defense attorney is a necessity.

Please contact me to discuss the implications of a DUI charge in Washington State.


The two most important things are: 1. advise you about the law and how it applies to your case; and 2. Speak on your behalf and advocate for you.

Each case is different. A lawyer familiar with DUI defense will be able to evaluate your case and make sure that the government has followed the laws set up to protect citizens. Without that training a person acting on thier own will not be able to determine the strength of a criminal prosecution.

Anything you say to a prosecutor can be used against you at trial. Speaking on your own behalf about the facts of the case or anything surrounding it is a bad idea. Your lawyer can say the same things without having it used as an admission.