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DUI /Probation Violation consequences

Wilmington, NC |

I am in the 10th month of a 36 month felony probation. I just got a DUI and my PO is saying that I should choose a 24 mo drug treatment program or he will violate me and I should prepare to serve my 17-21 month sentence. I have not had any violations yet, but i have previously failed a drug screen and admitted to marijuana use the nite i got the DUI. I am not current on restitution but have paid on a regular basis. Are there other less severe penalties the judge can give to me, like day sentencing, short term drug treatment,etc.?

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The Judge is almost always the final decision maker, but depending on your State, and frankly your Judge, he/she will usually either take your PO's recommendations, or has already delegated those decisions to your PO.