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DUI/ probation, alcohol tests

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im on court supervision for a DUI. is there any blood or urine tests that can detect alcohol use from days ago? im talking i drank quite a bit on Thursday, will the blood or urine tests come back positive on monday morning?

more info: i AM NOT restricted from drinking i just dont want to dissapoint my probation officer, or let anyone down, i can LEGALLY DRIVE after succesfully completely a year long interlock device on the car. also i do not USE DRUGS. i just want to make sure i do everything right, and leave no stone unturned. thank you for taking the time to read this.

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The alcohol from a drink would be eliminated in approximately 6 - 9 hours from your system. Urine produced after this period would be negative for alcohol.

For really heavy drinking, about 24 hours flushes your system.

If the test includes the EtG testing, this can detect recent alcohol use for 26 all the way up to 80 hours depending on some other factors.


I'm pretty sure this section is for the purpose of asking a "lawyer."
Not your mother, college roommate, or buddy.

As I would tell my students, "Google is your friend."

From the perspective of a lawyer, I'll tell you exactly what I tell clients: Maybe the best thing for you is to be afraid of getting caught with alcohol in your system.
1 = If you're restricted from drinking,
1 = And you wind up drinking anyway,
2 = You probably have a bigger problem out there you need to take care of.

Right now, you have two choices:
be afraid of getting caught,
or getting yourself under control.

Either choice is yours. If you get caught, you will probably wind up paying my rent rather than your own. (Which I wouldn't have a problem with).

Your goal should be trying to disappoint DUI defense attorneys by staying clean and getting things together.

My Answers are only informational in nature and DO NOT constitute legal advice. This is a good thing because I like to speak to my clients and hear them out before giving them direct, personalized advice. Call, Email, or Text me to receive actual advice. Sincerely, Vijay R. Sharma, President of the Law Office of Vijay R. Sharma


You will be all clear by monday. drug use is another situation.