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DUI / Time on Driver Record-(NJ)

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Does a DUI stay on your Driving Record FOREVER???? IF NOT, Then What Is The Common known TIME/YEARS LENGTH (on your RECORDs)???
----**(or any other existing records).----
-----And why is it so hard to get an actual answer ???

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Why is it so hard to get an actual answer?

It is hard to answer because separate agencies own their own recording system. Department of Licensing or Department of Motor Vehicles will own your driving record. Those are state agencies, so each DMV for each state will most likely have different drop off schedules.

I can provide answers for a few histories. An entry for a DUI arrest and a separate entry for the disposition of that DUI arrest will remain on your Washington State criminal history forever. There are rare occasions where the Washington State Patrol will remove data from that record; very rare occasions.

NCIC is the database held by the FBI. Criminal history will not be removed from the NCIC history.

Insurance companies usually look back 5 years for criminal history, but that will vary too. Hope that sort of helps.


In New Jersey a DWI is a motor vehicle violation, not a criminal offense. Therefore, a motor vehicle offense stays on someone's record forever. A DWI in New Jersey cannot be erased/ expunged.
- Kenneth Vercammen, Edison, NJ


Most DUIs stay on traffic histories for life. Insurance companies generally go back 3-7 years when rating a driver.
Many other history reporting agencies will also have this info.


Unfortunately, Washington state law does not allow for a DUI to be vacated, or expunged, from your record. RCW 9.96.060 provides, in pertinent part, that: An [person] may not have the record of conviction for a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor offense vacated if...the offense was a violation of RCW 46.61.502 (driving while under the influence), or 46.61.504 (actual physical control while under the influence)