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Drug Possession , Criminal Defense

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I have charges of an open container, possession, possession in a school zone, and possession in the presence of a minor. It was not found in my possession but since I was the driver and no one claimed it I was given the charges. I have no lawyer or money so I have a court appointed lawyer. I plead not guilty and is going to trial soon. Whats the best advice for me?

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The best advice for you is to listen to your lawyer. People in control of a car are usually held responsible for what happens in the car because, as the driver, you had the power to tell them not to have an open container the cops could see. You may have to testify who was the person in possession. Are you prepared to rat them out? It is unlikely they will ever be charged. Think you can get them to come to court for you?


You have a lawyer. Listen to them.

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