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Driving with suspended license

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what are the penaltiys for driving with a suspended license

i just received a driving while revoked in the second degree. what are the penalties i can expect in cowlitz county , washington . Are there any mandatory minimums?

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First you need to determine the degree of DWLS you are being charged with. The degree of the crime depends on the reason for the suspension or revocation. This ranges from first to third degree. The degree of DWLS will then determine the penalty.
For example, if the crime is first degree DWLS then the revocation was based on a finding that the person was a habitual traffic offender. First degree DWLS is a gross misdemeanor with mandatory minimum sentence starting at 10 days. A first time conviction for third degree DWLS has no mandatory minimum jail time.


Driving while license is suspended comes in three degrees. For DWLS 3rd degree, the maximum penalty is up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. The typical first offense penalties range from zero days in jail and a $250 fine to one or two days in jail with a $500 fine in some places. For DWLS 2, the maximum penalty is 365 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. First offense penalties for 2nd degree usually range from one or two days in jail and a $400 fine, much higher in some places. Second degree DWLS also carries a one-year license revocation imposed by the Department of Licensing. Another thing to consider is that the police have authority to impound your car for up to 30-days if you are caught driving on a second degree suspension. For DWLS first degree, there are mandatory minimum penalties which attach at each conviction. For the first offense, the minimum penalty is ten days, the second ninety days, and for the third, 180 days in jail! And as with 2nd degree, there are provisions to tack on another license revocation, but this time up to ten years for the third conviction. Of course these are, except for the minimums set out for 1st degree, just generalizations of the kinds of penalties going around the state. Ask the prosecutor in your area to be sure.

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