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Driving while license invalid

Friendswood, TX |

I was pulled over in Tx and found out my license was suspended. The officer did not take me to jail but gave a ticket. Is there a possibility I will be sentenced any jail time when I appear to my court date?

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As part of a law passed in 2007, Texas cops can now issue a citation to appear in court for certain offenses that carry potential jail time (Theft (Class B only), Theft of Service (Class B only), Criminal Mischief (Class B only), Graffiti (Class B only), Possession of Marijuana (Class A or Class B), Driving with Invalid License (Class B only)). This is up to the officer and/or the particular agency where a person is detained.

At your next court date, you will be required to do a walk-through with the county bond office, post bond and the criminal court process will begin. (I am not sure what the situation is your county, but many counties that have implemented this "cite and release" policy will allow you to get a personal bond.) You will most likely not even be in a position to enter a plea (I know that wouldn't be an option at the first setting here in Travis County), so there is little danger of getting jail time at your first appearance. You will be told to report back to court with an attorney or allowed to apply for a court appointed attorney if you think that you may qualify.

If you have further questions, contact a local criminal defense attorney for more information.

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