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Driving school enrollment for DUI

Huntington Beach, CA |

I am enrolled in 3 month DUI school.. I saw my instructor taking notes like who is responsible, participating, who is answering..i mean just formal, nothing special while we watch videos

But my question is, do they have authority to make any changes from 3 month to 6 or 9 month classes ? or only court and DA can make changes or you just follow the order and only the court have that authority?

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I believe there are 3 month/9 month/18 month/36 month classes for DUI. 3 month is first offender. 9 month is for high BAC first offender. 18 month is for 2nd offender. 36 months for 3rd offender. Only the DMV or court can require a more sever punishment and they most follow the law.

In other words - dont be paranoid - the instructor is just taking notes - think nothing of it.

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The practical answer is that you shouldn't worry about it, as the court and DMV are the only ones that can require a longer class or more programs... but there are circumstances where you could be ordered to a program - but this is usually where a person is on FORMAL probation for a more serious crime, and the court has ordered that you cooperate with the probation department and participate in any program they recommend. For probation to actually recommend a program is very uncommon.

This does not form an attorney-client relationship. I require a written agreement before I begin work on any case.


i would agree with Attorney Maddox, there does not appear to be a concern at this time. Normally, the court or the DMV can only impose a longer period of time for DUI classes.

Further, I would proceed to have 30 days enrolled in the classes and 30 days of hard suspension of your license, then proceed to apply for the customary Restricted License with DMV.

Lots of luck to you in this matter.

Richard Grant
Orange County DUI Attorney

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