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Driving on Suspended License / Probation

Woodstock, GA |

I have recently been arrested for driving on suspended license in which I was driving on a limited permit due to a dui conviction 9-07'. I was pulled over for tag being expired and was arrested! I had a ticket a few months ago in which I paid but I was unaware that that ticket would make my license get suspended. I am on probation until today 9- 17, 08 in which I have court for this last ticket on 10-09-08.

Is this offense a violation of my probation and if so will they sentence me the original sentence from the DUI conviction last year?

I have fulfilled all requirments of this sentence but the probation fee can I get a extension on this ?

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If today is truly your last day on probation - and by that I mean your probation ENDS today, as opposed to just going to non-reporting status - then you might not have any probation violation worries. However, that may not be true if there was a second 12 months (or more) of probation that was going to be non-reporting. If you plead guilty to the driving while suspended charge you will receive initial suspension time. If there is time remaining on your probation you may end up spending some of that in jail. I think you need to have an in-depth consultation with an attorney who practices criminal law in your area. As you should have learned from the results of the ticket you paid, there are often consequences to paying tickets that are not obvious up front. You need to talk with a lawyer directly.

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