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Driving license while asylum case pending?

Washington, DC |

Few questions:
1. Can I apply for driver license while my asylum case is pending?
2. Can I live in VA and have my interview scheduled in any other asylum offices of my wish?
3.Can I file asylum without passport?

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Attorney answers 2


You really need to consult an immigration lawyer. All aspects of an assylum case are complex.


To Q1: It depends on the State where you are applying. Some states will give you a driver's license with a passport, others (and that is mostly the case now) require official US immigration papers. Call the local DMV to find out.

Q2: Your interview will be scheduled nearest to your location, or whatever the field office is for that location. You thus cannot pick the location, unless the 2 offices are equidistant to your location.

Q3. Yes you can; b/c immigration laws and particularly asylum laws can be especially complex, its best to contact an attorney.

If there are any questions on this, please contact my office