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Drivers license was suspended in California for DUI and I'm a now Texas resident, how to obtain a restricted license

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DUI - April 2012, California license was suspended(never had a Texas license). Moved to Austin, Tx in May 2012 and want to apply for a restricted license in Texas since I am now a resident here but have been told to go back to CA. License suspended in CA until 2014. Not sure the process in CA to get a restricted license. This is my second DUI both .09, 8 years apart no accident no injury,

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You don't indicate who told you to go back to CA. That advice might be totally correct, but I would want to make sure by consulting with local TX counsel first. Many attorneys, including myself, offer free (usually limited) consultations. Since you're in TX now it will be a lot easier and more convenient to first check with TX counsel. If you are interested, I personally know only one qualified Texas licensed attorney. Actually he's the only attorney I know in your state and he practices in Austin; if you reach out to me I can provide that information to you. In any event good luck.


Start with DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento 916.657.6525. California has a HOLD on your license that TX is going to honor. The HOLD will not be released until the full suspension period is over AND UNTIL THE SECOND OFFENDED CLASS IS ATTENDED OR WAIVED. The MAU will tell you about this waiver that may help you if you are not able to attend because you are NOT returning to California, at least for a minimum of three years. Consider this just a heads up of what I expect that you are going to be told by the folks that know at the phone number above. There will be no license possible as you are not able to attend a second offender class in CA and no other State's DUI class will qualify unfortunately... a prerequisite to obtaining a license, along with an IID.


If you think you are going to get around the CA suspension by applying in Texas and avoiding the CA suspension, I think you are going to be disappointed.

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