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Driver's License is expired for the past 3 years, unable to renew because of undefined Immigration status

Miami, FL |

I live in Miami, FL my Driver's License is expired for the past 3 years, but USCIS has not advanced on my case in terms of whether I'm allowed to stay or if I have to leave the country. I had renewed my work visa twice and my lawyer because he was hopeful in my ex-husband being granted his residency didn't put in my papers for residency application. My ex-husband's application was denied and now I'm left in limbo while USCIS decides my case. I need to drive to work and I keep getting pulled over because cops run the license plate and see my DL is expired, is there anything I can do in terms of renewing my DL or what process can I do.

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How do you hope we can help?

Talk to your lawyer ... only he/she knows the whole story.

I can tell you that many of my clients get a bus pass, or take taxis to work in similar situations.

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We aren't sure what you are eligible for or what you have applied for. Your lawyer should explain what your options are--if you aren't happy with his representation, you can always seek new counsel.


I agree with Attorney Capriotti. Your expectations of this forum are unreasonable.

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In order to give you an answer we will need to know what is your status. An what documents you have.

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