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Driver responsibility assessment for NY do I have to pay if I am a canadian??

Seattle, WA |

I got a speeding ticket (20 over -coming from the highway to the express way...55 to 35) and a unsafe lane change (cop said I didn't signal my lane change into the left turn lane) ticket 2 mths ago in NY state. I didn't want any hassle so I pleaded and paid both tickets. Ticket was $150 plus SURCHARGES of $150. Now I just received a bill for $350 for an assessment. If I had known about this or the points associated with the tickets I would not have pleaded to the unsafe lane change. Total points - speeding (4) -unsafe lane change (3)
I have been driving for close to 30 years with not so much as a parking ticket. This has blown my mind.

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Being Canadian does not exempt you from traffic laws in the United States. What the penalties are as a Canadian citizen driving in NY with outstanding court fines is a question better answered by an attorney in New York. You should contact a NY attorney who might be able to answer this question.

What the provincial authorities will do to you would be a question for Canadian attorneys.

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