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Don't renters have a right to privacy?

Fair Oaks, CA |

I have repeatedly stated that they are not to enter my apartment without my being present. My request has been repeatedly ignored. And I have been robbed several times. I placed a bump proof lock on my door in 2008. And now, in 2013, I am being stolen from again. According to the locksmith, anyone entering my door has to have a key. The only other key is with the apartment management office. If I insist that management not enter my apartment without my presence, shouldn't that request be honored?

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Yes. You have a right to privacy.

Yes. Your request should be honored.

Also, LL DOES have the right to enter for emergencies and to conduct maintenance etc.

LL does have the right to have a key and it could be a violation of your contract and your state's laws if you changed the locks without notifying the LL and providing same with a key.

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Yes, you have a right to privacy and your landlord should not be entering your apartment without giving you reasonable advance notice to perform repairs or make an occasional inspection. In an emergency, a landlord can enter without advance notice.
Click the link below for a helpful guide explaining your rights as a tenant.

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