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Domestic violence job prevention law

Denver, CO |

Two years ago, i had a misdemeanor(push, shove,kick) DV with my wife, i got through my probation and all. I still live with my wife and kid.I am a Senior Engineer, currently working contract in Europe . Can anyone tell me if this DV will prevent me from getting an Engineering job in US or should I take my family with me to Europe.I am an US and European Union citizen as well as my wife and kid. They are also willing to know this answer. Please help me decide this so important question for me and my family.

Thank you

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Every employer has different policies. There is no general law preventing someone from hiring you. If that was your first offense, you should check and see if you had a deferred judgment and sentence. If you did and the case was ultimately dismissed, you could be eligible to seal your criminal history. Sealing your criminal history would generally prevent most, if not all, potential employers from ever knowing about your case. The short answer though to your question is that there is no clear answer yes or no.