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Domestic violence case trial

Santa Clara, CA |

I posted a question about asking if I should go to trial or not. I missed if male is the accused in the case, has it ever happened that a male defender has ever been able to win a domestic violence trial in real life or the jury always goes against the male without caring if the evidence is strong or weak? will public defender be good lawyer most of time?

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Look, no one but your attorney can properly advise you on a decision like trial without the full complement of evidence and information, including the confidential type that you can share only with your attorney. Public Defenders are often among the best attorneys simply because the do so many cases and have "seen it all." Some are obviously better than others and you dont' get to pick and choose. That's why many people elect to get their own lawyer so they can pick and choose.


Juries do not always side with a female accuser. Juries are fair and listen to the evidence. Public defenders are often good, Santa Clara has a fine office. The problem with all public defenders is that they are saddled with huge caseloads and can't devote the amount of time to a case that most private attorneys can. Good luck.


It really depends on the facts of the case; however, I set a large number of my domestic violence cases for trial and have had good successes in many of the instances. My assessment is that most juries try to do what they think is fair. A good lawyer can look at all the factors and realistically give you suggestions based on that. As far as public defenders go, i generally think they're really good. But If you can afford one, a private attorney sometimes has more time to talk to you about your case. In the meantime, I tell all DV clients. DO NOT CONTACT the alleged victim even if she invites it, even through someone else or social media. Obey court orders, and don't falk about your case to anyone but your lawyer. Hope your case goes well!

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