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Domestic Violence

Long Beach, CA |

I have primary physical custody of my daughter, my ex has issues with DV she has done the classes but has recently committed a new act of DV against me. Under FLC 3044 do each act of violence constitute a new presumption by the court. I guess my question is .. With every act of violence is there a new presumption?

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Look at item (b)(7) under that section. It is a factor to be considered.

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Did you file a request for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, or is one already in place? If there is one in place the police usually get involved. If not, you have to file for a new one.


I agree with Mr. Lewis look at (b)(7) of 3044.

In addition I would hope you reported this new incident to the police and are in the process of obtaining a restraining order (if you don't already have one).

Just stating there was domestic violence does not make it fall under 3044

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