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Domestic violence, should I report it?

Irvine, CA |

My brother threatened me by slamming a wooden chair down onto the ground, partially breaking the chair. Then a few moments later he tore the chair in half with his hands. When this happened, the chair leg stabbed my mom in the arm bruising it.

My mom will not let me call the cops to report this, and she will most likely not cooperate with the cops if I call them.

My brother has a history of violence from threatening to break my sister's neck to punching holes into the wall. He made a lot of verbal threats but has not hurt anyone so far...until today.

Is it possible to call the police to have this case documented, and later decide on if we want to press charges?


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Fits of rage, threats of violence, smashing objects and punching holes in walls are all good reasons to get a domestic violence restraining order. Why wait until he seriously hurts someone (or himself). You need protection and he needs help.


You sure report the incident and let him know to see if he agrees to anger management or other counseling. Otherwise the whole family could be dragged to court which will be especially difficult for your mother. Unless the person with title (your mother?) wants to exclude your brother, you will have to leave the residence for your protection.

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