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Domestic violence - my case is not receiving adequate attention from DA's office. What should I do?

Sherman, TX |

Charges were filed with the police but his sister works for the DA's office in the county where the incident took place. Everytime I call for a status or even when I went to get a protective order I have been treated like the criminal instead of the victim. What should I do to ensure that my case receives the same attention and consideration as any other? Should I get my own attorney? What if I can't afford one?

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I am not licensed to practice in Texas, but wanted to give you a couple of ideas of where you could go to get some assistance. I have attached a link for the Victim Services Division in Sherman. They can help inform you about the domestic violence charges that are being brought by the DA. For your protective order, if you cannot afford to hire an attorney, I would suggest you contact Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas. They provide free civil legal services to eligible low-income residents, and should be able to help you navigate that issue in civil court. I've attached links for both groups. Best of luck.

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