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Domestic Violance

Ferndale, WA |

"ELF" i.e. Evil Little Female....

Ok! Sorry, It was my first time asking for help... To reiterate my question!

I pleaded quilty to a crime i did not commit only because i was had to.... or i would have to spend a really long time in jail! I was told that "someone had to be guilty" I guess that someone me. My court appointed attourney was convinced that i was guilty for hitting this lady and the procecuting attourny made a refference to her being caucasion for some odd reason you think maybe because my skin color is dark....

I stood at the podium with my c.a.a standing next to me and when the judge said "what do you plead" i said, "not guilty" and my c.a.a pleaded me guilty anyway.

A few years later i found out that the lady who framed me went and asked my fiances ex-wife to hit her so that she could put the lock down on me.

can you please help me with some info?

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My only thought is that you may be able to get the matter resolved if the witnesses come forward and help you establish that you were wrongly convicted.

BUT, it is VERY TOUGH when there was a guilty plea. I have found it practicably impossible. But I do not practice in your state and do not know for sure.


One of us probably can help, but you have yet to ask a question.

You have a number of problems. First: NO Someone does not have to be guilty. You plead guilty. If you said not guilty and your Ct appt'd attorney disobeyed your wishes you should have spoken up. Now you need to get a compy of the transcript. Seems you big problem was you were afraid of going to jail which leads me to believe that either you thought there was a chance of that or that you allowed your lawyer to scare you.

Now if you wish to succeed in overturning your plea you better save your money and get a good strong lawyer. Make sure he is a member of a strong defender's group like NACDL or WACDL. Be sure he has a lot of experience and is a CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER and not one who dabbles in Criminal defense. He will want money for the motion, a trial and an appeal. Expect this to be in the low to mid five figures without the trial. He is going to need an investigator to prove your allegations. YOu may but do not necessarily have a civil action for false arrest and other civil torts. Do not count on them and the lawyer will not premise his fee on possibly getting the civil case later. You need a good lawyer NOW.

Good luck.


What exactly is it that you want to do? I am sure that there is someone who can help you. If you need to get this taken off your record and/or overturned, hire a good criminal defense attorney. Ask around, read the papers, search the web and/or ask for referrals. It can be tough to get a conviction overturned.