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Domestic Battery Victim/Witness. What can I expect?

Coeur D Alene, ID |

The father of my unborn child has a hearing scheduled for February for domestic battery against me. He pleaded not guilty at his first appearance and I am most likely going to be subpoenaed to testify. What can I expect until then? Will his lawyer have contact with me, and what can I expect from his lawyer during my testimony? I do not plan on reconciling with him and in no way want his charges dropped.

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For precise answers to your very legitimate questions and concerns, contact the prosecutor's office. Most likely they have a victim/witness liaison on staff who should remain in touch with you and may even attend trial with you. Be aware that you are not required to talk to his lawyer (or anyone else) unless subpoenaed.

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If you do not want the charges drop then I suggest you contact the prosecuting attorney's office. You can let him/her know your feelings on the case. Also, they would be the person who could most appropriately answer your questions.


Follow the advice of the prior responders with one addition. Take the father of the child to court. For child support, contact a local experienced family law lawyer for assistance.

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