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Domestic assault enhanced- "D" felony. odds on beating the charge by taking it to trial? Des Moines, IA

Des Moines, IA |

Husband is taking his 4th time domestic charge to trial in a couple weeks. He's for some reason confident that he's gonna beat it by his on words. I havent been subpoenaed to trial, but the state does have pictures of my cut and a statement on what had happened. I did state in my report that I do not know how i got cut and i'm pretty sure he didnt cut me even though he was threatening me and telling me he was wanting to kill me. He had just finished his 2 year probation sentence last year and now is faced with hes 4th. Pre trial he was offered a year probation on the charge and he refused.

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The case you present with the limited facts disclosed here could go either way - for the state or for the defendant. Except for the fact that the plea would be to a felony, the probation only sentence you mention should be given serious consideration. As always, you should consult a local experienced defense attorney who practices regularly in the court and before the Judge you be before for their best opinion on this case and the best choices to make.

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