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Dog escalator injury in florida

Boynton Beach, FL |

My dog was injured at a doggy friendly mall. Her back legs got caught at the end of the escalator and now she is facing the amputation of one of her legs. No way to stop the escalator, no signs or anything that could indicate the real danger of dogs on escalators.

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Speak with a local attorney. Although the mall may be "dog friendly" that doesn't mean every amenity is also dog friendly. The Florida Bar can give you a referral:

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I'm not sure how dog-friendly an escalator ever is or that it's ever wise to take a dog on an escalator, but have you asked the mall to pay the vet bill? If they refused, you should speak to a lawyer. The mall is probably liable for at least part of the bill.

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I agree with my colleagues, that a "dog friendly" mall does not mean that every amenity is "dog friendly." With that said, I would submit the bill to the mall for reimbursement, if they refuse I would consult a local attorney in your area.

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