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Dog Bite Face injury 200 stitches and have a personal injury lawyer, death of mom within seven months.Emotional distress ptsd

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Hello, Seven months following the sudden death of my 59 year old Mom,I was attacked on my right shoulder ,picking a toy up on floor,It was minor but still see scar.I was a nanny for their baby since December.The owner (Both dentists),felt bad bought me cream and a necklace and kept dog in garage for a day or two The 10 year old german shepherd had been sick etc .Jan,30th I was putting baby in chair he growled bit my face twice was rushed to hospital,plastic surgery to sew face together. I will need scar revision this has made my life unmanageable. My husband suffers from loss of consortioum,I am on more meds and dr appts.I am worried that defendents will see my history of emotional distress,and what if I lose.I hired a personal injury atty from mass..How much do you think I will get thanks

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I am so sorry this has happened to you. You really need to ask your attorney what range of values your case is worth. It sounds like you have a very good case. I am also worried about the baby in that house. I hope the dog does not attack the baby. It sounds like you have a lot on your hands. Work through this and try to heal. Good luck to you.


Can't say how much you will get on these fact. Ask your PI attorney.


I hope you also asked these questions of your attorney as he knows the case. My answer is that the past may be brought in trial but it would probably be for mitigation of damages and not very affective. As far as $$$, you must figure current medicals at retail level, future medicals at retail, lost wages and then multiply that figure by an amount from 1 1/2 to 10 times. The general trend is around 2 1/2-3 times for isurance companies depending on the total amount and limits of policy. I have seen these cases settle from anywhere from $15,000 to $650,000 personally. Your smay be more or less.

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It is impossible to say without many, many more facts, e.g., seeing your scars, reviewing your medical records, knowing the amount of your current medical bills and likely future expenses, and the nature of the scar revision surgery you will need and the probable outcome.


Hang in there. It can be difficult to estimate your potential award (damages) at the outset of a case. Once your present and future medical costs are assessed, and the emotional damages accurately quantified, you can probably make a rough estimate. Until then, get well and let your attorney deal with these issues.


You need to hire a qualified injury lawyer. You have strict liability rights and almost assuredly the dog owner has insurance. And you have an injury which is of real compensable value.


Potentially a big pay day. To prevail in any civil case, you need liability and damages which it seems like you have plenty of. The permanent scarring alone creates a tremendous value on your case. I recently had a dog bite (pit bull) case which left a small scar on the person's arm and I got her $25,000.00. History of emotional distress does not provide excuse for what happened, at trial that is objectionable. You also are hoping the insured has a big policy. This is big money case, make sure you get an experienced lawyer that knows what they are doing!

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