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Does working with fake papers disqualify someone from deferred action

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It is unknown yet, but it will likely be a negative factor in your case. The rules have not passed yet, when they do hire a lawyer, not a notario

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Belen Teresa Gomez

Belen Teresa Gomez


I agree with my collegue. More information is expected to become available in mid-August. Best.


If those fake papers involved claiming to be a US citizen ... yes, it could be a problem.

Meet with an attorney.

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We dont know yet.


3 points to note here regarding your question:
1) If you do apply for deferred action, it is probably a good idea to disclose the fact that you have used fake papers because if USCIS finds out you did and you did not disclose this fact, it could be considered fraud and you could get referred to ICE for removal.
2) A lot of people who are undocumented have used fake papers. You may be able to mitigate the fact that you used fake papers by showing evidence that you had a good reason to do so if you did; i.e., to obtain work to raise your child or take care of a family member etc.
3) We don't have all the answers yet b/c more specific guidelines are going to be released mid August.
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