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Does wisconsin have a law about a parent giving a child a gift of money. how much can that parent give before a gift tax

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is involved. also if a parent is going to cash in her CD's and use that money to gift, soon to alppy for state insurance is this a problem?

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Each person can give $13,000 gift tax free annually to an individual for federal tax purposes. It looks like there is no gift or inheritance tax in WI after 1991 but I am not a WI lawyer.

I cannot answer part 2 because I am not sure of the type of insurance is referred to. If it is unemployment insurance I don't think it is a problem.

Check with a WI lawyer first.

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If your reference to state insurance means medicaid, that is a huge problem. Call the Wisconsin State Bar association at 800-362-9082 and ask to be referred to an attorney who specializes in medicaid before cashing out the CD. Cashing out the CD can make your parent ineligible for medicaid.