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Does who contributed more money & who made >$ into the marriage matter in the final settlement?

Galesburg, IL |

If they are looking at my bank acct, shouldn't we be looking at his? Is my inheritance I spent to live on during the marriage and after I left my personal property, & not considered marital asset? He makes 5-6 times what I live on. I got robbed! Divorced 8/11 after a 2 lousy attorneys.

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Filed under: Inheritance rights
Attorney answers 1


Contribution to the marital estate may not affect the ultimate outcome. Additionally, if you used your inheritance money for marital expenses, then you made a gift of that inheritance to the marriage. Had you kept it separate, it would have been your non-marital property. Complaining here about getting robbed and about your 2 lawyers may help you vent but there is really nothing we can do about it. Sorry.