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Does wage garnishment from a creditor lower your child support obligation?

Kirkland, WA |

In WA state, or is child support calculated before any debt garnishments? I'm curious because I owe DFAS money and they're threatening to garnish my check. I'm already out of the military and I'm wondering, once they start taking the money out, can I modify my child support since the DFAS will be taking out too much?

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Usually the child support and civil garnishments are independent. They both use your income in the calculations on how much can be attached. Civil Garnishments are 25% of income.
I have included a link to the statute used for the calculations .
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Generally child support is considered the most important obligation to pay and takes priority. You may have better success trying to get the creditor obligation lowered based on the child support obligation. I suggest contacting a local attorney to help you sort it out.

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