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Does WA state have lemon laws on appliances (televisions)

Pullman, WA |

I have power of attorney of Mr. Ray Merrill. In may 2008 he bought a westinghouse digital electronic hd tv. in sept. 2008 the sound went of out the tv . He sent it to westinghouse for repair with the warranty. It took them two months to send it back to us . When he set it up it again had a volume problem . Repair man came out to house . The tv was on at that time he heard the volume problem. when he went to replace the part , they had sent wrong part. (it had taken two weeks for the parts to come) The repair man put the tv back together and when he turned it on it would not turn on. He calledtech support was informed that nothing could be done except another replacement part would have to be sent out (another two to three weeks )and that the reason it would not turn back on was because the input board went completely out of it . We have tried to get our money from westinghouse electronics digital INC. but they will not return our calls . They have service techs call us instead. They told us that the store we had bought it fr4om is the only ones whom can issuse refunds and sine it was bought in May 2008 and this is now sept. we are not entiled to a refund nor replacement from shopko where it was bought. Richard Houng is the CEO of westnghouse and he refuses to return any calls made to him. This tv is a lemon appliance and I would like to know what we can do about it . it has been out of service now for 2 1/2 months . We live in Idaho and the tv was bought in washington .

I would like to know how to go about getting his money returned since the tv costed him $799.00 with extended warranty but have only been able to watch and hear tv for 4 1/2 months out of the 7 months he has owned it . And who do I direct this matter to the store (shopko)in which it was bought or the manufactory?

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State Lemon Laws typically only cover motor vehicles but there is a federal Lemon Law (called the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act) that covers almost all kinds of consumer products and that should cover you here. Given the troubles you have had, I'd suggest you talk to a local Consumer Law attorney about filing a claim in your Small Claims Court or Municipal Court. The federal Lemon Law gives you the right to recover your attorney fees but the cost of the product is so small that it may be better to just handle it yourself. You can find a local Consumer Law or Lemon Law attorney by calling your local attorney bar association and asking for a referral or checking this web site page here: You can read the federal Lemon Law at this web site page: