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Does V C Section 22658 Removal From Private Property apply to vehicle removal from public property such as a city street?

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My car was towed for "blocking the entrance to a private driveway" according to the vehicle report filed by the PAPD "VC 22651 (D)" I don't believe they have evidence of this, and I don't know if it is required by the police to have, however under "VC 22658 (E) (2)" States "the towing company shall take, prior to the removal of that vehicle, a photograph of the vehicle that clearly indicates that parking violation. Prior to accepting payment, the towing company shall keep one copy of the photograph taken pursuant to this paragraph, and shall present that photograph and provide, without charge, a photocopy to the owner or an agent of the owner, when that person claims the vehicle." Which in my case was not done. Do I have much of a chance to fight this?

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You do have a chance of fighting the towing charge if the towing company did not comply with the law. If you have already paid the towing fee, you may be able to recover it in small claims court without an attorney.

I suggest that you consult with a local attorney -- many will provide a free initial consultation. Use the "Find a Lawyer" link on this web page.

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