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Does USCIS have records/access to the address I visited in a foreign country?Or is that only accessible to the visited country?

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I am a USC and I am petitioning for adjustment of status for my wife. Does the USCIS have access or records about the ADDRESS visited while in another country? As far as I remember, during the plane flight you fill out forms about the address youre intending to stay at, but isnt that only for the local immigration (in the foreign country)?

Thanks all. I asked because I would rather my wife not know (during the interview) of the address I stayed at when I visited her country. As far as she knows I used her address in her country for my immigration documents when entering; when really I used a different address. It is simply a matter between my wife and I that may lead to an unnecessary (in my opinion) argument. So, I did not want the officer to ask "what address did you stay?" and I respond with my wife's address when the officer might have actual documentation about the address on my forms. Yes, it is wrong to mislead my wife. You will all also remind me of lieing under oath. I just wanted to know if USCIS would know where I actually stayed. Thanks for the answers.

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No, USCIS does not have any records of where you stayed in a foreign country.

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Why do you ask?

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Why is this important? No, they will not unless you give them a reason to be concerned about it. When you do, it will not be USCIS anymore.

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USCIS does not keep records of the specific address where you visit unless you are on their watch list - then they might. I agree with my colleague; it is somewhat interesting that you ask.

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