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Does USCIS check NRMA during background checks for greencard applications?

Dallas, TX |

I was recently caught shoplifting and signed a confession that had my SSN and date of birth information. I am not sure if I was added to NRMA, but in case I was, I am worried that it might affect my pending I-485 application. Will it? Please advise.

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It can effect you if they learn of it. Try to avoid any conviction or court finding that you have stolen anything. Always talk to a lawyer before signing ANYTHING associated with a criminal allegation. Get representation. Stop spreading your business on the internet.

good luck.


Were you arrested? Have you been fingerprinted by the ASC on your I-485 or your I-765? If uscis has not yet fingerprinted you then if you were arrested it can show. If you were not arrested then it will not but beware if at the interview on you i485 you are asked about arrests, charges or convictions you are likely required to disclose it depends on facts. Get a lawyer or advise your immigration lawyer.


From you question, it appears that you were not arrested. Usually on a shoplifting case, the police is called and the person is arrested on the spot. In your case, if there was not an arrest and charges were not filed against you, then you should be fine. Be aware though, a theft conviction can lead to deportation, especially if more than one! Do not talk to anyone about the incident without consulting an attorney. Good luck!

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