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Does Travis County Probation test for alcohol in ways other than breathalizer or interlock? Blood or urine?

Austin, TX |

On probation in Travis County and I haven't been drinking. Just wondering if I were to mess up how they would find out other than breath methods. AA and not going to jail seems to be working best. I just want to know what may happen.

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Yes for urine, no for blood. While on probation in Travis County, you will be submitting breathalyzers and urine specimens that test for the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Fortunately for a lot of folks, the cost of blood tests are prohibitively high for the county.



Thank you. Is it an ETG test they give?


In practice, urine tests are the only test used. In theory, and I would not want to be the one to push the envelope on this, blood tests and hair sample tests are possible. More likely is the un-announced home or workplace visit by your PO.

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